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Land/Regulatory Services

Funtec’s Land and Regulatory Division works closely with clients to ensure projects comply with all environmental protection regulations. Regulation complexity can create operational roadblocks for clients, our goal is to resourcefully identify and address environmental factors, mitigating unnecessary delays and liabilities. We have a celebrated reputation for successfully executing a full suite of services including project, land, and regulatory services.

Funtec’s experience promotes the efficient assessment of our clients’ processes, revealing potential impacts on water, wildlife, and land services. Impacts that motivate the design and implementation of timely, reliable and cost effective Funtec solutions.

The following outlines Funtec services utilized to ensure client project compliance:

1. Project Management
  • Define project scope
  • Detailed assessment of environmental / wildlife features
  • Project Mapping
  • Collaborative and direct communication with clients, AER, AEP, etc
  • Active and engaged management of third party specialists (Surveyors, QAES, Archeologist, etc)
2. Field Integration
  • Pre-site Assessments / ground proofing
  • Pre-survey and Pre-construction wildlife sweeps
  • Mindful assessment of route/placement to maintain EAP Guidelines / StandardsDetailed mapping
  • Effective coordination of field services (Surveyors, QAES, FN Escorts, etc)
  • Construction Monitoring for compliance
    • Water Diversions, erosion/weed control etc.
    • Pipeline Crossings (waterbodies, wetlands, etc)
  • Post-site Assessments / Inspections
3. Land Services
  • Project Administrations
  • Regulatory Approvals and Permits
    • Crown Acquisitions
  • Public / Industry Consultation
  • Coordinating Field Services
  • First Nations Engagement
  • Stakeholder Engagement
    • Third party agreements/consents
    • FMA / CTL / DTL consents
    • Grazing Consents
  • HRV Submittals and Clearances
4. Regulatory Services
  • Complete EAP, EFR and TFA applications for AER/AEP
  • Active management of environmental / wildlife concerns
  • Water Act Applications / Notifications
    • COPs
    • Wetlands
    • TDLs
    • Water Management Plans
  • Timber Salvage Assessments
  • Stakeholder Consents / Concerns
  • Caribou Protection Plans
  • Reclamation – Phase I / II Assessments

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