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UAV Services

Funtec has added a new service and in turn offers added value to our clients.  The Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) can provide low altitude aerial photography (still/video) for oil and gas activities.

All UAV units will operate within Transport Canada SFOC Regulations and are fully insured.

The following outlines the various approaches where the UAV Services can be applied.
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Land Regulatory Services

  • Assist with Pre-Site Assessments
    • ROW routing
  • Assist in evaluating Sensitive Areas
    • Watercourses
    • Species at Risk
  • Disposition Inspection Services
    • Pipeline Inspections
    • MSL/LOC Inspections

Project Services

  • Document ongoing construction progress
    • Creating video construction timelines
  • Construction Completion Report
  • Assist in the reporting of construction issues, crossings, etc.
  • Documenting Directional Bores of watercourses
  • Pipeline ROW inspections

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